Benefits Administration Claims Continuity Services

  • medium-computer-rack-jpg-362x246Benefits administrators face increasing regulatory requirements and growing practical demands for effective disaster-recovery plans. TriZetto offers Claims Continuity Services to help QicLink™ clients get back to normal faster, by processing healthcare claims during a disaster or other business disruption.

    TriZetto combines expert QicLink claims processors with state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant facilities to keep your business operating in the event of a disaster.

    Key components of the service include: claims processing on QicLink by TriZetto's expert staff; off-site storage of your critical documents, including policies and procedures, training manuals, benefit plans and provider contracts; and regular testing to ensure that your off-site documentation is current and your business-continuity plan can be executed effectively in the event of a disaster.

    TriZetto delivers fast, accurate and cost-effective processing of healthcare claims - when you need it most.


    • Enables your organization to recover and remotely process claims during any disruption
    • Minimizes the cost and impact of the disaster
    • Provides services from a remote location that is operational within days of your declaration
    • Employs QicLink experts who can process those claims your staff can't
    • Helps maintain provider and member satisfaction